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Body Art is Energy; Canvas Art is depth…..Beating Covid

Kelli Barker Body Art and Make Up and Lin Barrie Art in a collaboration, beating Covid!! The inspiration behind this collaboration between myself and Kelli, for a photoshoot with Daxion Photography started with my acrylic painting called “Energy”… My original … Continue reading

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Coconut Palms and Rambutans; Abstract Paintings and Thai Sunsets in the Andaman Sea…..

“For our Thai beach holiday, (which was planned to co-ordinate a family holiday with a friends’ wedding), we were delighted and lucky to use Travel Portfolio…I cannot fault the initial itinerary options and efficient friendly feedback that we received from … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty Now Has An Organic Farm – we love Hello Kitty!

If this is what it takes to persuade people to grow their own healthy food, I’m all for it. Gardens are special places, and anyway I love Hello Kitty…….! … do my grandchildren Jade and Rayne, here made up as … Continue reading

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Cinderella pantomime and pasta with roasted cherry tomato salsa…

Why does Buttons look so worried? And have you ever seen an uglier pair of ugly sisters? We are off to the Zimbabwean Reps production of Cinderella pantomime tonight..accompanied by the grand babies from the bush, who love dressing up … Continue reading

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Make up art and Wild dog art….

While in Harare, Clive attends numerous interesting meetings with Ministery of Environment. Kelli is busy with her Make Up artistry as the festive season before Christmas gets into gear, and she creates a beautiful 21st Birthday Make Up for her … Continue reading

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