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Winged Victory; Beyond Beyoncé

My work on Nike, the winged Greek goddess of Victory- Constantly sketching and musing over the power of this image…. here I am working on canvas with my own handmade mopani hardwood charcoal …. Nike, who is celebrated in the … Continue reading

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Balance for Better: Art, re-designing the Woman’s Space….

“Balance for Better: Redesigning the Woman’s Space” opened at the Zimbabwe National Gallery last night. I was thrilled to be able to attend;“Thank you National Gallery of Zimbabwe and team for a tight and well-curated art #exhibition , thought-provoking dance and theatre, stimulating company- … Continue reading

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The Njuzu of the Save River; Mermaid or Myth…you decide, I know what I believe..

The Njuzu of the Save River , as told by Nzanza Sekai in his recent excellent article on the Save River and Birchenough Bridge, called “Celebrating Rain and the flooding of the Save River”… is a story long told by … Continue reading

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Allure of the Seas has claimed Kelli and Anton- they have left Africa to sail The Carribean…

Kelli and Anton have joined Allure of the Seas, gone from African shores for the next nine months. Allure of the Seas has just been named Best Cruise Ship by Travel Weekly readers for the second year in the row. … Continue reading

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Mahenye Charitable Trust and Changana Culture; beading and beautiful ladies…

The Changana ladies at Chief Mahenye’s village have a strong tradition of beading…. Look at these deeply gathered skirts that they embellish with numerous seed beads… Some of my personal necklaces, bought from these talented ladies… NOTE: excerpt from my … Continue reading

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Kelli cruises the world with Vincent Van Gogh, Tequila, Worms and Grasshoppers..

Kelli Barker from Zimbabwe, Africa is cruising the world on the Holland America ship, ms. Statendam- having joined Steiner Leisure as a Health and Beauty therapist! Anton Milner has joined Steiner, working as an International Fitness Professional, on the Royal … Continue reading

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Hogmanay and elephants! Scottish roots of Auld Lang Syne and tradition reach worldwide- I have joined the World Wide Ceilidh –

Such fun, wonderful festive season feasts, elephants galore, rain  and happy guests…. this is the early morning view downriver from Room 5 at Chilo Gorge – a lone bull elephant crossing the Save River through gentle rain, in front of Mahenye … Continue reading

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Theatre Dinner at Chilo Gorge Lodge, hyena chorus and lion opera……

14th January: A return to Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge for meetings, good company and plans for the future, finds us all sitting on the wooden deck overlooking the wilderness of the Gonarezhou National Park opposite us, enjoying a dinner under … Continue reading

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Cinderella pantomime and pasta with roasted cherry tomato salsa…

Why does Buttons look so worried? And have you ever seen an uglier pair of ugly sisters? We are off to the Zimbabwean Reps production of Cinderella pantomime tonight..accompanied by the grand babies from the bush, who love dressing up … Continue reading

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Frogs, mud and Grandbabies, Christmas tree and baobab tree…..

Back again at last, to Senuko in the Lowveld, where I find my summer flowering Sabi Stars in full bloom… Clive prepares stir fry lunch – chili noodles with chillies fresh from our garden… I make a white bean pate, … Continue reading

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