I believe that slow-cooked and home-produced food is the best solution to getting full flavour and value from every meal you cook. Buy locally if possible, wherever you live-local people, store owners and farmers need support more than the supermarket giants who ship produce all over the world at great expense environmentally and taste-wise……so much more satisfying to sink your teeth into a sun ripened home grown tomato, bought from a woman who is struggling to earn enough to send her children to school, or from a market gardener, than to mumble on an insipid pale version of the real thing, perfectly packed and chilled to tastelessness in the fridge section of a supermarket chain. Here in Zimbabwe we have excellent locally grown and indigenous products, such as  freshwater Tilapia fish, deep red cherry tomatoes, luscious limes and natural baobab fruits

local produce..yummy!

local produce..yummy!

but even in the midst of a bustling downtown New York or Sydney, farmers’ markets are to be found and enjoyed. You can raise a cherry tomato plant, and a lettuce or two in a rooftop garden, and even grow sprouts on a warm kitchen shelf in your high rise condo…

baobab cheesecake from Sarah Venter…


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