Cheese and biscuits for supper; Crocodile dreams…..

Cheese and biscuits for supper; Crocodile dreams…..

Creamy Camembert and fresh slices of mango are a taste sensation difficult to match. All the better for a dab of sweet Chilli sauce….

This is our supper on  the deck overlooking the swollen Save River. The waters below us are ribbons of dirty cream foam curling along on the twisting currents.

This afternoon I watched a medium sized crocodile drifting sideways downstream allowed itself to drift across the current for a few minutes, then deliberately turned at right angles and tacked the other way. I am sure it was testing each stream of scented water, each entwined current, for any hint of a possible meal!

croc smelling the water

croc smelling the water

So now after a long day on the edge of this mighty river, and my supper of cheese, I retire…and I dream….and dream…..and DREAM …(as I usually do after a meal of cheese at night!)

I am a crocodile.

I AM a crocodile! 

crocodile dreams.....

crocodile dreams…..

I can feel the full length of my scaled body against the flow of the warm water as I drift. I am not very long by crocodile standards, quite slim, and easily I turn my body at an angle to slide with the current so that my snout is always testing fresh water, fresh scent….

I can ‘feel’, can ‘taste’ the  scents in the muddy water, no need for eyes, just pure sensation of tastes and tantalizing hints if what has been through this water upstream of me.

Scent of cattle and dung, humans washing, soap and urine, but these are faint, overridden by sensation of bat guano falling into water from overhanging clefts in the gorges upstream, hippos and elephants crossing the deep waters….decaying branches and vegetation and the occasional rubbery scent of a lost and floating flip-flop, washed by the rising waters from a sandbank or rock upstream while the unsuspecting owner bathed or washed their clothes.

This whole world of smell and warm water envelopes me, a sensation as good as any 3D movie! I wake with a strange elatedness, anticipation…..!

About wineandwilddogs

Lin Barrie The Save Valley Conservancy stretches along the upper reaches of the great Save River in the south east of Zimbabwe. The Gonarezhou National Park laps against the southern banks of the Save River and between these two nestles the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. These three celebrated wildlife areas form part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area, (GLTFCA)- a unique wilderness jewel which is home to the “Big Five” (endangered Black and White rhinos, elephants, buffalo, lion, leopard) and the ”Little Six” (Klipspringer, Suni, Duiker, Steenbok, Sharpe's Grysbok and Oribi). Endangered African wild dogs, Cheetah, Brown hyena, Bat-eared foxes and a host of special birds and plants contribute to the immense variety of this ecosystem. Communities around the GLTFCA contribute to innovative partnerships with National Parks and the private sector, forming a sound base on which to manage social, economic and environmental issues. This is home to artist and writer Lin Barrie and her life partner, conservationist Clive Stockil. Expressing her hopes, fears and love for this special ecosystem with oil paints on canvas, Lin Barrie believes that the essence of a landscape, person or animal, can only truly be captured by direct observation. Lin Barrie states: “Through my art, and my writing, I feel an intimate connection with the natural world, and from my extensive field sketches of wild animals, people and landscapes, I create larger works on canvas. Lin's work is in various public and private collections in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Australia, England, Canada, Sweden and the United States of America. She is represented by galleries in South Africa, Zimbabwe, England, Kenya and Florida, USA.
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