A wedding to remember……forever

Life is a roller coaster, high wave adventure, and Kelli and Anton started 2015 on a huge wave….!

Kelli and Anton on the ocean wave

Kelli and Anton on the ocean wave


riding their separate cruise ships round the Hawaii’an Islands and the Caribbean islands!


While on their far-apart cruise ships, Kelli and Anton became officially engaged….so exciting….

Anton and Kelli engagement

Anton and Kelli engagement


Landing back in Africa, they began the loving process of binding their lives together forever…

choosing rings supplied by Kelli’s Uncle Max….


A Pirates and Sailors Party was conceived by Maid of Honour Kimberley…what fun!

The Nautical kit that kelli wore for the party!

The Nautical kit that Kelli wore for the party!

some sailors and pirates have a hug...

some sailors and pirates have a hug…

Fun stuff…

Kelli is Anton's Nauti-Gal!

Kelli is Anton’s Nauti-Gal!

I made a poster out of fun nautical ideas….

Anton is....

Anton is….


Kimberley was Kelli’s Maid of Honor and her delightful speech for Kelli and Anton embraced all things nautical:

“My sister and new brother-in-law

When 2 people and families come together, you tie the knot and form a stronger bond. So with that said we welcome you Anton and your wonderful family to our families AND secondly we thank you for welcoming Kelli into yours with such love and kindness.

I bet you all probably think you know why we chose the nautical theme – because 2 of our favourite people have been at sea? Well this is not the only reason, and I would like to share the other reason with you in my absence.

Kelli and Anton, the sea is wise, it will always teach you to:

  •  Anchor yourself to each other – so that you will always keep grounded
  •  But never weigh each other down
  •  Don’t ever sink – you are each other’s life jackets
  •  Life’s roughest storms prove the strength of our anchors
  •  We need to be brave sailors if we are to go on the biggest journey of our lives
  •  We sometimes need to be like a pirate – break the rules, get ship faced and have fun together
  •  We need patience to wait for the perfect tide and to realise timing is NOT our choice BUT is always perfect
  •  We need to make sure we have life boats – which are trust, and our families and friends
  •  We need to leave messages in bottles for each other and to always remember to communicate
  •  Always find your way back to shore and to one another
  •  And mostly as you set sail enjoy the ride, the sun, the journey and thelove and life you share.Please raise your glasses – cheers to SAILING FOR AN ETERNITY.
  • Love, Kimmy xx”

After a simple magistrates Court ceremony early one morning in Harare…..

legally 'Mr and Mrs"...

legally ‘Mr and Mrs”…

came a delightful celebration breakfast at The Plot  Cafe, with close family….



Then came the Chilo wedding, such an adventure!


rhinestone embellishments on the Vera Wang dress

Kelli and Anton had Jade, Rayne and Kiana as flower girls…

kelli and her flower girls

with silver slippers….

silver slippers

Kiana gets dressed by her loving Gran, Jackie….

jackie and kiana

jackie and kiana

Jade and Rayne watch Kelli putting on her make up…

jade rayne and kelli

jade rayne and kelli

Kelli does her own make up, of course!




the shoes…..

 the shoes.......

the shoes…….

A glowing bride…..

Chilo interior

Chilo interior

The descent………!!

kelli descending...


and meanwhile the boys have been getting dressed

boys in the landscape...

boys in the landscape…

excitement builds….

boys together

boys together

Guiding hands ………

the gentle touch

the gentle touch


and Anton is ready, waiting for his bride…

nearly there!

nearly there!

Kelli and Anton were married by special friend, Rob Davy on  28th November 2015 early in the morning,  at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge.

Before the actual ceremony Jackie and I had a special hug with Anton…Rob checks his notes in the background…)

FullSizeRender 2

The stunning view from the wedding deck was enhanced by Lala palm heart fans locally made by Mr Mutema, embellished with paper flowers made by Nyasha of African Papermakers.

heart fans hanging from the wedding deck at Chilo

heart fans hanging from the wedding deck at Chilo

what a setting….as the bridal party walks thru the gardens

the bridal girls walk thru the gardens

the bridal girls walk thru the gardens


 the look on his face...

the look on his face…


married couple



This is what Michel Fortmann, (Kelli’s dear friend, bridesmaid and professional photographer),  had to say about the event…

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.” — Bruce Lee

What a love story to tell… Not only was I photogrpaher for the day, but bridesmaid as well, for two of my dearest friends! It was quite difficult trying to wear both hats on the day, but with the help from my amazing finacee – Mark Harris, who was truly thrown in the deepend, we managed to cover all bases:)

It was an early start with the ceremony happening at 8am. At 7.30, I was still clicking away and eventually had to put the camera down and get ready lol! Not easy when there were still so many moments happening that I wanted to capture! Kelli was an absolute picture as she slipped in to her Vera Wang dress and got ready to walk the aisle with her two Dads:)

It was a short, but very meanigful ceremony and a very different experience, being a part of it and not being the voyeur on the outside this time! The vows were exchanged with the most magnificent view of the river below us and the beautiful cliffs as the backdrop and then it was all selaed with the kiss and before we knew it we were walking back up the ailse and headed off for the group shot and magnificent brunch!

After the brunch and a wonderful speech from Kelli’s Dad, we all then de-robed and spent the next couple of hours relaxing by the poolside. Then we all climbed back in our dresses for the formal shots at 4pm and I got some exquisite photos of Kelli, just before we left.

We then headed off, safari style in the game viewing vehicles and headed for the beautful Acacia forests. The sun made her appearance at all the right moments on this day and as we headed into the forests, she appeared from behind the clouds and the most magical light streamed down through the Acacia leaves, backlighting Kelli and Anton with a halo of gold.
We then headed onto the river bed for some really dramatic, editorial style shots and then Mark, got his turn again, with doing some awesome group shots for us! It was a lot of fun and a completley different experience being in front of the camera for a change. The final photos happened down by the old fallen tree, close to the river, with the sun sinking below the forests, as the final backdrop, to an incredible day!

We then headed into the evening reception where some very heartfelt speeches were made and not long after that the dancing got underway!

It was a fantastic day and one I will really treasure! To not only be a part of it but also be there to cature such special moments for Kelli and Anton!”


Kelli’s Vera wang wedding dress was simply, elegantly, drop-dead beautiful…

rhinestone embellishments on the Vera Wang dress

rhinestone embellishments on the Vera Wang dress


After the happy ceremony and a relaxed day by the Chilo pool, we went through the riverine forest….



onto the sands of the Save River for a beach sundowner…

A and K on the beach

safari wedding


My precious daughter now forever linked to my special new son…

Kelli and Anton on 'wedding safari'

Kelli and Anton on ‘wedding safari’


Kelli’s Johannesburg family contributed delicious wines and champagne,



and Jeremy Borg contributed Painted Wolf Wines. Food, wine and feasting for all!

I am so happy for this beautiful young couple, on the brink of an exciting life and career together. Plus we are blessed that our combined families share a warmth and love that is real and lasting.

The place Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, a fittingly dramatic and special start to their married life.


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Lin Barrie The Save Valley Conservancy stretches along the upper reaches of the great Save River in the south east of Zimbabwe. The Gonarezhou National Park laps against the southern banks of the Save River and between these two nestles the Malilangwe Wildlife Reserve. These three celebrated wildlife areas form part of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area, (GLTFCA)- a unique wilderness jewel which is home to the “Big Five” (endangered Black and White rhinos, elephants, buffalo, lion, leopard) and the ”Little Six” (Klipspringer, Suni, Duiker, Steenbok, Sharpe's Grysbok and Oribi). Endangered African wild dogs, Cheetah, Brown hyena, Bat-eared foxes and a host of special birds and plants contribute to the immense variety of this ecosystem. Communities around the GLTFCA contribute to innovative partnerships with National Parks and the private sector, forming a sound base on which to manage social, economic and environmental issues. This is home to artist and writer Lin Barrie and her life partner, conservationist Clive Stockil. Expressing her hopes, fears and love for this special ecosystem with oil paints on canvas, Lin Barrie believes that the essence of a landscape, person or animal, can only truly be captured by direct observation. Lin Barrie states: “Through my art, and my writing, I feel an intimate connection with the natural world, and from my extensive field sketches of wild animals, people and landscapes, I create larger works on canvas. Lin's work is in various public and private collections in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Australia, England, Canada, Sweden and the United States of America. She is represented by galleries in South Africa, Zimbabwe, England, Kenya and Florida, USA.
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