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Baobab Christmas Tree; Rainy Season in the Lowveld

Our wire sculpture Christmas tree is a baobab Every year we take it down off out mantelpiece where it lives with my wild dog sculpture and the grandchildren decorate it with homegrown ornaments and out in the veld bloom these … Continue reading

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The Christmas Tree; thinking of you all, dear family and Friends

This is truly Baobab heaven, the lowveld of Zimbabwe…. Now, at the beginning of the rainy season, multitudes of creamy white baobab flowers hang: white, frilly and pendulous from bulbous green leafed stems, Like so many slightly frumpy aged ballerinas, … Continue reading

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The Pallet Wood Christmas Tree and the Art Studio re-invented…..

At last! After the house fire,  my Art studio (214 Brooke Drive in Borrowdale Brooke Estate) is repainted, the Living area rebuilt, and paintings are hanging again for viewing! The garden has recovered from the invasion of builders and  under Dad’s … Continue reading

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Baobab Christmas Tree and Festive Season at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge

What a pleasure it is for Clive Stockil and I  to arrive at Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge, rain imminent, ground steaming in anticipation! Afternoon tea on the deck brings a stunning sight… Out of the thick green canopy that lines the swelling … Continue reading

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Christmas day and Wild dogs….

Woke up early Christmas morning and sat on our verandah, listening to the Woodland kingfishers. Suddenly there they were, 11 wild dogs trotting rapidly towards our waterhole, staring cautiously up at us as we sat, breathless, coffee cups poised. Relaxing, … Continue reading

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Festive Season……..

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